Minding Your MANners


When it comes to having a successful first date, manners are paramount. Do you follow these rules?

I hear a lot of questions from men asking how they can have a successful first date. I always say that instead of worrying about if your date is feeling a romantic connection, focus your attention on having good manners.

How are manners going to help me ease my anxiety?

Simple. If you have good manners on a date, the woman will take notice. Even if she doesn’t feel a spark with you, she will at least tell her friends that you were polite and a good person. This is important because you want to have a positive dating reputation, and women do talk to one another! If you focus on having good manners, you will get a positive dating review and perhaps this woman will recommend you to one of her single acquaintances. It’s great dating karma.

Here are my top ten MANner must haves!

1. Be on time. If you are running a little late, text or call her and then apologize for making her wait.

2. Sincerely compliment her when she arrives. It often takes time and energy to get ready for a date, and let her know that you appreciate her efforts.

3. If it is a first date, men should offer to pay, especially if you invited her out. Some women do not feel comfortable letting men pay for them, but it is essential that you offer. Because dating can be expensive, I will be listing affordable date ideas on the website. There are many fun date options that won’t break the bank.

4. Be courteous to waiters, doormen, etc.

5. Always open the door for your date. If you are riding in a cab, you can slide in first so she does not have to scoot across the seat, especially if she is wearing a skirt.

6. Give up your seat on public transportation to elderly people, pregnant women, small children, etc.

7. Ask her questions about herself and listen to her answers. Genuine interest in her life will show her that you are a considerate person.

8. Avoid discussing anything sexual in nature on a first date. Also refrain from talking about ex girlfriends, traumatic life events, medical issues, etc. Providing too much negative information too soon will squash your chances of a romantic future.

9. At the end of the night, help her hail a cab or drive/walk her home.

10. If you would like to see her again, don’t wait three days to call. It is perfectly acceptable to phone her the following evening to schedule your next date.

While you cannot control whether or not your date feels a connection, you can control your manners and what type of impression you make on others.

Are there any good manners that I left off the list? Add them in the comments below!

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