Does The World Of Joseph Kony 2012 Live In Your Heart?

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The Invisible Children movement against Joseph Kony might work. Are you powerless in your world?

I finally succumbed. I watched the Kony 2012 video.

I did not want to watch yet another video clip on the atrocities in Africa. It is so painful and deeply upsetting to watch the awful realities of the world - and not be able to do anything about them.

Well, Jason Russel and the movement, Invisible Children are doing something. And they're giving me a way to do something too.

I'm not talking about supporting a charity fund that fights human rights or hopes to help end the starvation that children suffer in Africa.

This is a movement that might actually work. It has a defined goal with an action plan that is well supported. It has the big guns of the world of celebrities and government behind it. It's obvious they are a peace movement; they're not calling for the violence of an American military attack.

They simply want Joseph Kony arrested and the abducted children returned home.

Again, the Invisible Children movement might actually achieve this!!

That's astounding. We are seeing a peaceful movement succeeding against violence.

I have a question though: "What happens after Kony is arrested?"

My hope is that the entire operation will be received and handled with integrity - even where this falls outside the reach of the movement behind it. My hope is that the world has found a way to make peace really work.

But I keep remembering a comment I saw on Facebook in response to the Kony 2012 video: "Why has this man not been shot yet?"

When we get down to it, it will only be when each of our hearts is truly free of violence that peace will triumph.

As a young child I thought my world was normal. Growing a little older I realized that things happening around me were wrong, but I accepted that this was just how things were. Although there was a lot that I thought could be better in my life, I always knew that there were so many people in far worse situations than me. I was one of the lucky ones! The few attempts I made to change things, with my little voice, were futile. They disappeared along with so many other little voices.

How often do we think we are powerless to change some of the injustices in the world.

The Invisible Children organization has made it easy to support them.

Our greater challenge is to notice and weed out the violence we each carry. How often do we lash out at our loved ones, or face them with a silent wall of rebuke?

Can we really find a way to live with only love and peace shining in our hearts?

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