6 Things That Keep Sandra Fluke Graceful Under Pressure


What you can learn from Sandra Fluke who has remained graceful under the pressure of attack.

Whether you support women students at Georgetown University who are calling to receive contraceptives under their private health insurance or not, I think it's clear that Sandra Fluke has remained graceful throughout a barrage of attack from Rush Limbaugh and a number of other prominent political commentators.

Although Sandra was initially shocked and stunned at the language being used about her, there are six skills she reveals that may have helped her stay steady under pressure.

Discover 6 Skills That Help Sandra Fluke Remain Graceful Under Pressure

During the TV show The View, Sandra shows the belief she has in herself and what she stands for. She's not deterred from her truth by the actions of others who aren't acknowledging her integrity, whether they're doing this out of ignorance or consciously. In the face of opposition she has demonstrated the following abilities that add to her finesse - as an advocate certainly, but also as a gracious 30 year old woman.

In the panel interview, Sandra:

  1. Tries to see things as they really are

    Sandra may well have been disturbed at the outrageous response to her testimony before the House of Representatives, but she made an attempt at seeing the remarks for what they were, an attempt to silence her cause, rather than taking them simply as a personal attack on her.

    So often we take whatever is happening personally without realizing that there could be another agenda at hand.

  2. Keeps her sense of humor

    When asked if she had received a personal apology, she smiled and reflected that the remarks she'd received had been personal enough to remove the need for any direct communication.

    She hasn't shut the door on her good spirit.

  3. Doesn't jump to the attack

    While there may have been a call for Rush Limbaugh to be fired, Sandra hasn't replied with a personal attack against him. She has held her integrity and remained clear minded! 

  4. Stays grounded and centered

    Even a call from President Obama hasn't sent her spinning! Sandra has taken up no grandeur. She's continued in her down to earth manner with appreciation for his kindness.

  5. Strives for authenticity
    "We have to be nuanced", stated Sandra. She's suggested that we become more accurate.
    We tend to jump to conclusions about what is going on, mostly oblivious to the delicate shadings of meaning in our interactions. We measure and compare ourselves and others, paying little attention to gift of uniqueness we each have.
  6. Correct misperception

    As a law student, Sandra would have to set the record straight.

    It can be difficult letting someone know that they have the wrong idea without leaping to defense, or quietly receding. Sandra Fluke does this with elegance.

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