Marriage Counseling For Couples Coping with Prostate Cancer

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How to Choose a Marriage Counselor – For Couples Coping with Prostate Cancer

We all need special support when dealing with a life-threatening illness. The emotional, relational and sexual aspects of coping with prostate cancer are complex. Typically, physicians focus on dealing with eliminating the cancer. For most of us, we need additional kinds of support and healing after the cancer is gone. For many, that means looking for a counselor to help us deal emotionally with the disease both individually and as a couple.

This article is written as a marriage counselor and the wife of a prostate cancer survivor who is also marriage counselor. I have some specific suggestions as to what to look for in a marriage counselor.

  • Ask your friends who have had cancer for referrals
  • Ask people in the local prostate cancer support groups who has helped them?
  • Search online.
  • Call the teaching hospitals and cancer centers in your area and inquire if they have a sexual medicine or sexual health department. If there is a cancer center in your area, ask if they have counseling specifically dealing with the emotional and sexual aspects of Prostate Cancer.

When you are calling counselors, I suggest the following tips:

  • ask to speak to the counselor directly—not the receptionist. Do not make an appointment with anyone who won’t give you five minutes on the phone. Expect a brief conversation. Do not expect to tell your full story.

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