3 Valuable Lessons You Can Learn From Your Ex

Love, Heartbreak

Don't let past relationships get you down. Learn from them.

You came out from bad relationship and you haven't recovered yet. This may be the first (or fifth) terrible breakup and you the world is out to get you. You blame him, you blame yourself, and it becomes a vicious cycle.

Here are three reasons to be happy instead of worrying:

1. Exes teach you what you don't want in a relationship.

He forgot your birthday, yoor anniversary, or both. He didn't want to introduce you to his friends, or he was hiding his relationship with you. There are many reasons why you didn't like the relationship with your ex/exes and now is time to change that. Think about things you didn't like in your last relationship(s) and try not to make the same mistake again when searching for a new relationship.

2. It was not meant to be.

If he was right for you, then he would've stayed and you would have a beautiful relationship. But he didn't, and you don't. This means that there is somewhere, Mr. Right is waiting for you, so prepareyourself to be the "perfect you" for him. Past relationships are a great way to learn about our love lives and get one step closer to meeting the person we'll spend the rest of our lives with.

3. You have learned how to be happy.

You don't realize this now, but you will be happy. You just have to let things go and learn from the past. Don't blame yourself or him for why things haven't gone well. Just let it go and look at your relationship as a new experience, and one step closer to finding your true love.

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