Got Bliss? 10 Tips For A Happier Relationship

Got Bliss? 10 Tips For A Happier Relationship [EXPERT]

Why settle for subpar when you could have splendor?

8. Listen to your gut. Successful relationships also require constant insight into yourself. Sometimes, one partner will act angrily towards the other when they are actually angry at themselves or at something else entirely unrelated to their partner. This psychological phenomenon is called projection. How to Have a Happy Relationship

In order to understand where your anger is coming from, you must be clued into what is going on with yourself and the myriad of things that could be affecting you. It is also important to be acutely in tune with your partner in order to circumvent what may be misplaced anger towards you and really get to the heart of what they are experiencing.

9. Take a mini vacation. A vacation does not have to be a week in Cabo. It could be a weekend in the country, a dayhike or a picnic. Particularly with new luxury travel flashsale sites such as Jetsetter, SniqueAway and Tablet, going somewhere completely fabulous is now more affordable than ever.

Enjoying a peaceful experience together will decrease stress, increase sexual desire and create positive memories that are part of the foundation of your relationship. But, when you are on the trip, focus on letting in only positive energy. Nagging and condescending remarks are not allowed. Focus on enjoying your partner's company.

10. Change the setting. The classic vision of a couple fighting is one person pacing the room while the other person stands there and yells at them, and then they both yell back. It is usually a small, suffocating space filled with anger and heat. The combination of all of these things it makes all parties even more irritable. Instead, use environmental psychology to your favor. Small, hot spaces foster hostility, whereas open spaces, particularly those near bodies of water, create calm and acceptance.

Therefore, if you do need to talk something out with your honey, try to do it while simultaneously doing something outdoors or physical. Having somewhere else to exert your anger will help you separate your perceived anger from the actual frustration and issues you are having. This will also enable you to talk about them in a calmer, more rational way. Physical activity will also lower cortisol levels and clear your head.

Being in nature helps you both to realize how small you are in relation to a much larger world. In tangent with that, how small your problems are in relation to the world's. I can guarantee that talking things over in a peaceful setting will greatly decrease the time you spend angry at one another.