Want To Rate Your Dates & Exes? Try The Lulu App (Girls Only!)

Want To Rate Your Dates & Exes? Try The Lulu App (Girls Only!)

This new app lets women help each other out by giving ratings to the men they've dated.

Men dislike Lulu because they feel as if they're being judged — but the point of the app is (for once) not to judge people, but to give women feedback on potential lovers — and to give feedback to the men themselves. In the framework of personal development, the purpose of feedback is to learn from it, ultimately integrating the constructive criticism into your life in a positive way. On the most minor level, if someone says I have something in my teeth, am I going to lash out at them? No, I'm going to thank them profusely and immediately go to the bathroom to remove said offensive food. If a woman rates you as a 5 because you were rude to her after a night together, treat the next woman with a basic level of respect. Lesson learned.

How The Hashtags Work

Sometimes, even little pieces of feedback can make a huge difference especially when it comes to men competing for women. Some examples? Poor posture, B.O., #eatsmyfaceoffwhenwekiss: These things can be easily fixed, and they can really change how a guy is perceived by those he is currently pursuing. My suggestion to the men out there? Instead of getting yourself all worked up, check out Lulu Dude and use that feedback (however skewed) to become a better you. Here are a few to watch out for:

  • #ManChild. Lesson learned: Grow up. No more frat parties in Murray Hill at 30.
  • #Neverasksquestions. Lesson learned: STFU and let someone else talk for once.
  • #Worstbreathever. Lesson learned: Invest in Listerine.
  • #Cheaperthanabigmac. Lesson learned: Stop offering to split the bill.

I think Lulu could also be an opportunity for nice guys to get ahead. If women finally stop wasting their time on #rudetowaiters, #doesntrespectwomen and #wanderingeye — and look for #nicetomom, #loveshisfamily, and #oneofthegoodones, the good guys will win and hopefully the bad boys will take a hint and get to work on themselves.

But for this to happen, the ranking within the system needs to change. Currently if a guy rates high on ambition, sex, and looks, but low on the things that actually demarcate character, his overall rating is still high. I think that even if a guy is very attractive, great in bed, and likely to buy his future wife a big fat diamond, if he lacks respect for women, that should be majorly reflected in his overall score.

I also think that women should have the option to create their own hashtags or add personal comments to their reviews. That way, we can know if an actual person is rating the person rather than a spambot. Moreover, the reader will see if the reviewer actually knows the guy based on the context of the review. It allows for specificity because there are certain things the epic hashtag list does not include that women may feel like other ladies should know. Hashtags #cheatedonmewithfiftywomen or #hasherpes should probably be mentioned ... just saying. A few things to keep in mind while using the app:

  • Beware of perfect 10s. Most of the guys who are 10s or close to 10s have been rated by one person who is either their friend or a crush. Crushes' reviews are clearly the most skewed. When you have a crush on someone, that person can do no wrong.
  • Ex-girlfriends give the #mostaccuratereviews. As I mentioned earlier, it usually takes a while to get to know someone. It's the ex-girlfriends that are really the treasure troves of information about a guy, as they know all the good and bad sides to him. I promise that not all ex-girlfriends have malicious intent.

Oh yeah, and that whole thing about not writing about my dating life anymore? Sorry boys, my book will be out by 2015. And nope, you weren't spared.