If You Just Got Engaged, Make Sure You Have These Priorities

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You want to be the stress-free bride to be.

You're floating on cloud nine, mesmerized by the bling of your new ring...until you realize just how much needs to get done in order to walk down the aisle. 

Wedding planning stress can definitely cause tension between you and your fiancé. Yet, some couples make it all look so easy. Are they really that calm, united, and blissful, or is it just a front? Here's what all happily engaged couples have in common.

1. They can see the big picture. 

These loving couples stay grounded in the fact that a wedding is a party to celebrate at the core what's most important— the relationship! They most look forward to calling each other husband and wife at the end of the big day. 

Though they can be very involved in the planning process, they maintain the mindset that the wedding is just one day, but the marriage is a lifetime together.

2. They tackle wedding stress as a team.

Wedding planning should be fun, but the reality is that many couples find it stressful. The engagement period can even tear poorly-matched partners apart. Strong couples are able to put the stress aside and grow closer during this fleeting time. That's because these future brides and grooms communicate effectively and come together over tense or uncomfortable topics. 

For instance, making decisions about whether to invite dad's new girlfriend to the wedding, or planning a responsible financial budget allows for the further development of emotional intimacy. Happy couples aren't afraid to tackle the difficult issues and provide a sense of support and reassurance for one another, while solving problems together.

3. They have perfected the art of compromise.

These lovebirds are already on the same page about how they envision their big day. And if they disagree, they talk it out — respectfully. That's because they care more about prioritizing each other's happiness than getting their way. With perfectly matched pairs, their core values and preferences are aligned, so these decisions likely won't come as a surprise. 

4. They imagine their married life together. 

The happy, soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. don't just talk about their wedding day, but they also spend many conversations fantasizing about what their marriage will actually be like! Many happy couples think about what their life will look like 5, 10, and 20 years down the road, and they can't wait to grow old together.

5. They don't put their lives on hold.

These cheerful couples continue dating each other, having adventures, and building their lives together leading up to saying, "I do." Although the wedding is something exciting to look forward to, they make it a priority to be present with each other and enjoy each moment. They continue to develop intimacy— a key ingredient to a happy relationship. 

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This article was originally published at Brides. Reprinted with permission from the author.