How To Go From Workaholic To Relaxed In 4 Easy Steps


All work and no play will make you a dull girl. Discover how to make time for play.

I have a confession: I've been a workaholic most of my life, and I'm here to announce that it's going to change. So, if you spend a majority of your weekends sitting at your desk working, join me on the journey. 

Step One: Identify What is Work and What is Play

For example, for some people, having to write would be work, but for me I love writing and do it for fun. It's on the play list. Doing any kind of paperwork, such as dealing with forms, taxes, and bills, feels like being dropped into a muddy pit. This would be work.

Step Two: Explore New Ways to Have More Play Time

Hire others to do what's on your work list. Think about what "work" you could actually delete. Yes, this is possible; try it. Explore ways to flip work into play. Turn on your favorite tunes as you work, or explore taking your work to your favorite park.

Step Three: Schedule Work and Play Time on a Weekly Basis

Usually, if you're really focused on work, you can lose track of play all together. So to really live in the spirit  of play, you need to schedule in play on your calendar, just like you do your work. For me, I really want to have more music in my life here in California, so I've carved out time in my schedule for drumming and sharpening my guitar skills.

Step Four: Gift Yourself With "Free Days"

Do this as often as possible. Let creativity take the lead in doing anything that feels wild, juicy, and nurtures your soul. Believe me when I say that "free days" make your work 10 times better. Try it and let me know.

Life is meant to be lived fully, so invite in the play.