I'm A Baby Boomer Feminist, And I Will Not Keep Quiet


Baby Boomer women started changing the world decades ago... and we aren't done yet.

We Boomer women weren't the norm, and that's a good thing. As a generation, we made a huge impact on the world. We rocked the world awake, literally. Through our large numbers and strong voices, we protested. Strange new music came on the scene as a voice of a generation.

We were not a quiet group. We wanted social equality, freedom, and to not have to take on stereotypical roles. Authority was questioned and we began to take the lead for social change. 79 million births rocked the world, and we're not done yet.

I would like to say I was out there protesting, changing the world, going to Woodstock—but I wasn't. However, my generation impacted me in such a way that I believe anything is possible. There are no limits.

I believe that my voice is important. I believe that what I do, how I act, what I say and how I say it can make an impact on others. And, I'm not going to be quiet.

My goal is to inspire boomer women to come together to be a part of a tribe that continues to impact positive change in our world, while at the time living in the spirit of play.

My blog will not be about social security, retirement, medicaid, medicare. We're not done yet. Let's change the world one more time. Let's take control.

Let me ask you, "What's important to you today? If you could do just one thing to change the world, what would you do?" You have at your fingertips unlimited possibilities.

We're not done yet, so let's change the world one more time.