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Energy Healer, Relationship Coach, Sex Educator, Wellness Coach

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Sacred Temple Arts Motto's: Choose Pleasure As A Way Of Life! Sex Is About Energy, Not Effort! Don't Just Be A F***er, Become A Master Lover!

About Sacha Fossa

I'm Sacha.

A Holistic Sex, Intimacy, & Relationship Coach, Educator and Healing Arts Practitioner.

I'm also a Sexual (Energy) Awakener…


I can help you get the hot juicy sex life you’ve been wanting, partnered or not!

Let me guide you with my unique modern version of

Sacred Temple Arts! 

 Your deserve to have the erotic life you really want, partnered or not.

Most of us have experienced far too much drama, trauma, and preventable suffering due to a lack of accurate and positive sex and relationship educations.

I made it my mission to get the best (ongoing) education in these fields.

My credentials include: 

-Masters Degree in Health Arts & Sciences

-Advanced Certified Tantric Educator

-Planned Parenthood Sex Educator Certified

-Licensed Erotic Blueprint Coach™

-Certifications in over 20 Healing Arts & Therapies

-2 decades of study and practice in the Holistic and Erotic Arts

I can support you with the knowledge, tools, awareness, skills and more necessary to live in more bliss and ecstasy rather than in pain. 

Your well being depends on the state of your sex, intimacy, and relationships!

My special methods for having an embodied and empowered intimate life will have you loving life!

A holistic approach to your sexual (and overall!) health and well-being is paramount.

Through tailored coaching, cutting edge sex and intimacy education, and an array of healing arts, (including energy, bodywork, and tantra), we will awaken your sexual energy and customize your path to your one of a kind

Best Sex & Love Life! 


You will learn how to have more orgasms, and how to live more orgasmically!


We will expand your energy and connection: to yourself, your body, and then to others.

Sacred Temple Arts combination of erotic and healing arts brings you home to your body and to your authentic, playful, joyful and naturally sexy, self!

Sexual awakening and empowerment is possible through both erotic and healing arts, and the erotic arts as healing!

These are the pathways I used to reclaim my body, my power, my pleasure.

I can help you, too.

Isn't it time you empowered and freed yourself sexually, and otherwise?


Sacred Temple Arts, as not only a body of work, but a way of life, arose out of my academic and experiential studies and research, as well as my personal healing process. Which led me to supporting others in their journey of reclaiming their inherent wholeness, sexualness and essence.

 My life was previously plagued by physical, emotional, mental and psychological trauma, through abusive relationships. I felt unloved, utterly victimized. By my early 20’s, in yet another suicide attempt, I experienced one, of many to come, profound awakenings to energy, and planes of existence beyond this reality.

It was just the beginning of my sexual spritual awakening.

And led to my deep studies in spirituality, world religions, healing arts therapies, and eventually sacred sexuality.  

I researched personally, and within academia, additionally: female adolescent development, women’s and spiritual studies, and ancient and modern Goddess cultures. I wrote my first thesis on Empowering Adolescent Girls Through Goddess Stories, as I focused on healing not only my own, but the collective feminine wounded adolescence.

Let’s face it, none of us got any kind of decent sex, and/or relationship, education.

How did this play out for you? 


My passion, and quest, isn’t just for AMAZING sex,

it’s also for EPIC partnership(s).


Most of my life, I was confused and dismayed by how men typically reacted to me, and my intimate and sexual interactions with them often left me feeling dishonored. I embarked on a highly valuable, and lifelong venture, of researching men, too. I wanted to know how healthy relationships, and partnerships, between the sexes, could exist and evolve. I’ve been studying with the best love and relationship masters, for over a decade, ongoing.

Sex As Sacred?

It was also in my early 20’s, that my tantra adventures, and practice, began. I came across a workshop promoting “Sacred Sexuality”. It was an irrevocable turning point. My total immersion into this field, led me through my greatest sexual healing, and transformation, back to the real me. Tantra first taught me how to reclaim my body, power, and life, through pleasure.


The practice of Sacred Spot Massage was a primary piece in this work.


For my Masters degree, in Health Arts and Sciences, I wrote my dissertation on female pleasure and sexual healing, through the Neo Tantric technique of Female Sacred Spot Massage Ritual. I documented the extraordinary healing possibilities for women, that I live and teach. This work expands into the healing and empowerment for the masculine, as well.

I have been studying sacred sexuality through countless trainings and schools for almost 2 decades. (Please see my credentials below.) This included becoming an Advanced Certified Tantric Educator (ACTE through Source Tantra).

Recent allegations of tantric sexual healers compromising and breaking boundaries in sexual healing sessions and more, have come to the forefront of this field. I know all too well the physical, emotional and nervous system damage that can be caused by the Neo Tantra version of sacred spot massage. As much as I’m a huge advocate for this type of healing, I also have been hurt by unethical practices of it. It is a practice that needs to be taught in a way that promotes the healing benefits, without negating the trauma it can bring up, and/or inflict, when not done properly. Although I am trained in the hands on healing art of Sacred Spot Massage, I do not offer it in my practice, as this is illegal. I teach my clients how to do it for themselves, and for others, providing the resources and customized homeplay programs for clients to do outside of my office.

My latest and greatest studies have been delving into Jaiya’s Erotic Blueprint™ (aka the Sex Languages!) courses, and trainings, to become a licensed and Certified Erotic Blueprint Coach™.

I continue to study voraciously with Jaiya, as her work has escalated my erotic empowerment 1000 fold. As allegations of rape and sexual abuse have come forth against many tantra schools, teachers, and sexual healers, I have increasingly committed myself to the ethics, boundaries, standards, and mentors, that create safer and healthier schools, and practices, for sexuality education and exploration.


 In working with me as your coach, we will explore what your Best Sex & Love Life Vision is, and how to get you there safely, consensually, with integrity, and with the most amount of fun possible! 


Experiencing more embodied awakening, sexual energy and love, without and/or with a partner(s), is possible. 

Sex and Love are not just for those in a relationship with another! 

Your Erotic Life is based on your relationship with your body and to your sexuality!


Please visit my website sacredtemplearts.com

to find out more about Tantra, your Erotic Blueprints™ and more! 

Contact me HERE for a complimentary consultation!