5 Tips To Cope With The Loss Of A Pet

5 Tips To Cope With The Loss Of A Pet [EXPERT]

When a pet dies, it can feel like losing a friend. Here are five ways to cope with the grief.

Max went missing on my birthday. One minute he was begging for breakfast and the next minute he was gone, out a door accidently left ajar.

What does your heart do to heal when the friend you lost was packaged in fur and sported a tail? If you are a pet owner, you know in your head that your pet's life will probably be shorter than yours, yet the magnitude of their loss can be overwhelming. If your heart is filled with sadness from such a loss, here are five ways to find comfort and give you back some peace of mind.

1. The magnitude of your loss becomes real. In my case, Max was a wild, orange rebel given to biting and leaping onto my indoor hanging baskets to flatten the flowers and swing for the hell of it. The only way I could brush him was to feed him the tail of his catnip mouse as a distraction and brush fast.

There is no good reason why I loved him so much. I just did. When he went missing, I was inconsolable. My heart knew this loss was a big one. You will know too, if well-meaning friends try to brush away your tears by saying, "He was just a cat. You can get another one," and you do not accept their words. He was your friend and you know that he cannot be replaced. 7 Ways To Keep Going When You'd Rather Give Up

2. Make peace with your part in the loss. Max slipped out of a door I left open. I did not mean to let him out and maybe he would have used better judgment if he knew the dangers waiting for him. My heart was overwhelmed with guilt, and guilt is an abusive mate that needs to be released. Max died from an awful accident and I could be more vigilant in the future. My cats now love to be outside with me in our vegetable garden, fenced to keep Bambi and Peter Rabbit out. They are safe and I do not have to feel guilty any more. 6 Ways To Say Goodbye When You Can't Do It Face-To-Face

3. Your heart needs to talk of love. I wrote Max a love letter and read it out loud by his favorite swinging plant. I told him all the things I loved about him and said that I hoped he was all right. I thanked him for being my friend and for teaching me patience. It felt great to let out what I was feeling. Today that letter and his catnip mouse are safe in my box of precious treasures.

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