What Makes You Feel and Look Sexy


Your body needs hydration.

Shriveling up like a dried up old prune does not sound, feel or look sexy. But that is exactly what you may be creating if you aren't drinking enough. No, I am not talking about drinking more glass of wine (nice try). Instead, I am talking about reaching for that glass of sparkling clean refreshing water, multiple times throughout your day. Water promotes a thriving, vital, healthy sexy body that shines with radiant skin and hydrated gorgeous muscles.

You may not even be hungry when you grab for those cookies in the afternoon. It could be your body begging for a drink. Hence water helps in weight loss too as it becomes a great tool to use without calories, or carbs.

Your body needs hydration for support and aid in digestion, circulation, respiration, absorption and excretion. That's "kinda" like “all” your bodily functions. Now can you see how important drinking water is?

Here’s just one more reason that may help make your decision to drink more water even more of a no brainer. Your brain is made up of 90% water. So if you want to be one smart cookie, participate more fully in your day and in your life, look and feel sexy and gorgeous, figure out how to drink it up.

You can be hard core or you can be a lady about it. The fact is that whatever way you choose to down it, choose the way that works for you so that you get the job done. Check out 2 ideas that may inspire you to cheer to your health with some pure or sparkly.

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