Starve Yourself Or Spend Hours In The Gym?


Which is the right mix for your recipe?

Starve yourself or spend hours in the gym? What’s a girl to do to have a healthy, sexy body?

You can argue whether diet or exercise is more effective in your weight loss. Fact is that both matter. You need both. Just like you need all the ingredients to bake up a recipe. Leave something out and it's not going to taste right. To promote successful weight loss you also need all the pieces to mix together. Diet and exercise do not work alone.

What kind of spicing up is mandatory for success? For one thing, starving and excessive training is the not the solution. The answer is actually a good attitude with a heaping dose of gratitude. Focusing on your glitches, your derails, your mistakes will result in you being pissed off at your pounds. They’ll stick around that way. You need to be loving to yourself and give every single one of those pounds away with thanks.

I've had situations where clients are upset by "only" a one or two pound weight loss for the week. I say, “STOP IT. BE GRATEFUL!” Don't be pissed off at your pound. Be grateful for even the smallest of steps that you successfully took and the changes that resulted because of it.

Little things make a big difference and one pound leads to two to four to forty. Once you realize what a pound of fat really looks like, you'll be thankful for each and every one that you say goodbye to and your journey will be that much sweeter.