How You Can Avoid Depression While Bikini Shopping

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Swim suit shopping sucks.

It really does suck the life out of you. Those dressing room lights and the bumps that
show up crystal clear on your thighs and arms. That saggy pouch popping over the top.
OMG! are you getting this visual?

I mean, UGH!! and ouch. What is a girl gotta do to look good in a bikini?

Is it possible to feel good about shopping for your suit, and what if you could really look
and feel good in your body?

You can.

One simple way look better naked and in your bikini is to STOP EATING SUGAR!!!
or better said, LOSE THE FAKE STUFF AND GET REAL. I mean it really is that easy.
Sugar will wreak havoc on your head and in your body. Sugar will show up on your body
in the form of unwanted pounds and a not so attractive glare back from the dressing
room mirror.

You do not need to eat sugar to have a sweet life. There are lots of ways to get off of
this drug and enjoy your life fully. You’ve got to participate in the process of getting off of
it and here are 4 strategic ways to do it:

1. AMP IT UP. Eat a nutritious packed breakfast to start your day. NO cake for
breakfast in the form of bagel.s muffins, or croissants. Choose naked food for breakfast
so that you put your sugar cravings a bay. A bagel will do nothing but set you up for the
rest of the day for craving your sweet nothings.

2. FIND A SUB. Find something to eat instead of sugary stuff. A sweet potato is a
great snack and satisfies your sugar urge. Top it off with a dollop of almond butter
and you’ve got close to perfect satisfaction.

3. GET AWAY - If sugar calls you, get help. Enroll a friend to talk you out of it, get out of
the house and take a walk, hydrate with some water and eat an crunchy apple, take a
bath, journal about what you are really craving (it could be love?)

4. COOK NAKED. Using foods as close to their natural source as possible helps you
build your healthiest, sexiest body with out starving. It really is that simple. Watch
what I mean as I show you how to cook up a 3 ingredient yummy naked soup
that tastes so good you won’t believe it and eating it will help your dressing room

episodes show up in much kinder light and you get lighter and fitter.