Divorced & Dating? Why You Haven't Met Mr. Right

Divorced & Dating? Why You Haven't Met Mr. Right [EXPERT]
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How can you find love when you're so busy hating men?

Man bashing is a bad habit. If you deeply desire love, this bad habit of talking negatively about men requires transformation. Some men may hurt you. But not every man will. There are good men out there. Your belief that this is true will help you find the good ones but without this belief, you are lost.

Think of men you admire. How can you turn this thinking around? Consider the men you do like — your brothers, uncles, nephews, your father's grandfathers, sons, friends’ husbands, colleagues, neighbors, etc. There have got to be a few good ones. What do you admire and appreciate about these men as human beings? When you change this habit to speak well of men, you demonstrate to the universe that you respect men. This gives you an advantage over other women, because so many women have lost their respect for men.

Please stop the negative talk about men. Instead, look for the good in men, and you will find it. Notice what they do that is caring, sweet and loving. This is how you create positive feelings about men. 8 Online Dating Tips For Divorced Singles

You will be more open and far more attractive energetically to the good men out there. If you are serious about finding love, and are guilty of talking negatively about men, take this giant step towards love today.

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This article was originally published at It's Never Too Late for Love . Reprinted with permission from the author.