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25 years +


Reno NV 89509 - United States



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Career Coach, Mentor, Spiritual Coach, Teacher

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All areas, please inquire



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Our problems are opportunities for accelerated personal growth and transformation. - Randall Monk

About Ronna Vezane & Randall Monk

Ronna Vezane

Ronna Vezane is an internationally known author, lecturer and messenger for Archangel Michael.  Her messages of hope and inspiration through Ronna have been featured in thousands of inspirational and spiritual publications around the world, and they have been translated and published into most major languages. Ronna has published a total of sixteen books.

Ronna established her company *STAR*QUEST* in 1994, and is currently known worldwide for her inspired monthly messages from Archangel Michael, her life-changing seminars, and Quest for Mastery Teacher’s Training School. Although she is in her 91st year of life, Ronna enjoys excellent health and vitality. She is a living example of what she teaches: to integrate the subconscious, conscious and superconscious minds, to heal the physical, emotional and mental bodies, and to partner with Spirit to become a Self-master, and a cocreator of love, abundance, peace and joy.  www.StarQuestMastery.com

Randall Monk

Randall Monk is a student and teacher of self-help, metaphysics and spiritual development.  He has been studying subjects of this nature since the early 1970’s and has been teaching them since 2007.  Randy is the author of Life Mastery Tools For The Age Of Ascension.  He also co-authored the Becoming an Alpha Master audio program with Ronna Herman Vezane.  For several years, he has been working closely with Ronna, a messenger for Archangel Michael. Randall is Executive Facilitator of Quest For Mastery, an online school, with a focus on the teachings of Archangel Michael.  He also helps people discover their life purpose, manage life’s challenges and manifest their dreams, among other self-help and spiritual topics, via webinars and workshops.  His website and blog can be found at https://www.timelyguidance.com/.

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