6 Things To Do If Your Teenager Terrifies You


Six secrets for handling a teenager who pushes all your buttons!

Lets admit it. Being mom to a teen who is growing into an adult can be intimidating. Add in the hormones, typical teen attitude problems, and maybe a bit of teen insecurity, and you have a recipe for disaster. I’ve been talking to a number of moms lately who sometimes feel downright afraid of their teenager. If this describes you, please keep reading.

Remember, I genuinely like teens. Boys and girls – I’ve raised two of each – they come in different shapes and sizes, and with unique ways of pushing their parents’ buttons. Some of the attitudes that teen boys are encouraged towards are the same things that make it really hard to get along with them. And some of the attitudes teen girls show toward their moms can be pretty intimidating!

My eldest son was a full-out bully sometimes when he was younger. As he got older, he and I talked alot about the issue (okay, I talked in short snippets, he listened in even shorter snippets, but it did pass for a conversation if you add all the snippets together), and he tried his best to treat people with respect. Today he is a wonderful young adult. But we went through some really tough years. Especially when he was feeling insecure, afraid, tired – actually when he was feeling anything intensely – he would “buff up” and I’d feel intimidated. Sometimes I’d choose not to talk with him at all if I wasn’t feeling particularly able to withstand his aggression.

One of my daughters pushed all my buttons too. We spent many years trying to get along, with various degrees of success. Sometimes I’d let things go just to keep the peace.

If you’re feeling intimidated by your teen, take a look at the strategies below. Intimidation is a serious problem in alot of families, and is something that often triggers a mom’s feelings of insecurity. Stop the cycle now! Get some help addressing this issue, and learn how to create a place of safety and respect in your family.

Here are six secrets to breaking the cycle of intimidation.


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