Live Radio Show Addresses Tough Teen Issues


Teens & Dating on LIVE radio: solutions for when you worry, and when to celebrate!

Parenting teens who are exploring romance can be frustrating, confusing, and can challenge your ability to be flexible. Your dream of watching your teenager meet and fall in love with a wonderful person may be turned on its ear as you watch them struggle - and get their heart broken. With teenagers hitting puberty sometimes as young as age ten, their hormones are getting turned “on” earlier, and they’re likely interested in dating before they have the emotional resources in place to handle it. Recently I wrote a blog post “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” where we talked about the challenges of parenting a teen through their love experiences, and ways you can help. Some of those challenges are downright frightening!

In this LIVE radio show, I’ll be talking about some of those challenges, and giving you tangible solutions that will help! Here are some of the things you can expect:

How to tackle the tough subjects of teen pregnancy, STDs, dating violence, and substance abuse with your teenager.

Tools your teen needs as they begin the dating experience.

Dating rules and consequences for teenagers at different ages and stages.

Tools YOU need as a parent of dating teenagers (and how to protect your heart).

Here’s how you can participate: