HOPE Is Going Mobile!


Announcing the new HOPE Notes for Parents App for mobile devices!

With more than one billion mobile users worldwide – and many of those users accessing the internet exclusively from a mobile device – we figured it was time we went mobile! A little deeper digging turned up the fact that fully 25% or more of visitors to the HOPE Coaching site were using mobile devices exclusively.

Wow! So… we’re going mobile!

If you’ve been visiting the ronaejull.com site using your iphone/ipad or Android, the experience just got alot easier! There is now a mobile App for HOPE Coaching, giving you even smoother access to resources for parenting teens without losing your mind!

The very simplest way to access the App is to first download a (free) barcode reader App (there are many available - look in your device's app store), then follow this link and let your camera “read” the code. Once the App is downloaded, you'll need to activate it. Then voila! You've got HOPE right on your mobile device, updated automatically whenever there's a new article, blog post, or HOPE product available! 

But that's not all. One signature series I know you’ve come to rely on is the HOPE Notes newsletter delivered right to your email inbox. We’ve been hearing from subscribers who were wishing for an App, so we created one! Updated at least once a week, the HOPE Notes for Parents App gives you brief notes and tips for managing life with your teenager without losing your mind. You’ll also see simple ways to connect with me, the HOPE Coach, from scheduling your free consultation to connecting on social media platforms.

Parenting is tough, and we're dedicated to providing you tangible tools and support as you practice being the best parent you can be. Wishing for information or resources you can't seem to find? Send us a message, and we'll get right on it!

There is always HOPE.