Welcome To 'Living & Loving With Mental Illness' 2013

Welcome To 'Living & Loving With Mental Illness' 2013

You can live and love with a mental illness diagnosis.

We at YourTango are committed to helping you live your best love life — and that means in all stages, variations and situations of being.

Mental illness is a serious issue plaguing many people, and it doesn't disappear when you're dating, in a relationship or married. Mentally ill couples and singles must learn how to balance their journey toward health with a productive, communicative relationship, and that's no small task. 

Luckily, YourTango Experts are committed to helping you navigate this difficult path. For the next two weeks, we will be featuring stories, articles and blogs from mental health professionals committed to helping you move toward individual healing and a stronger, better relationships. We'll explore topics like how to support your spouse through a diagnosis, ways to stay connected through rocky times and how to maintain an intimate and healthy sex life while working toward wellness — plus so much more.

Follow us on Twitter at @YourTango and @YTExperts and Facebook to stay connected. To get the latest and best advice on staying healthy in your relationship, bookmark the page yourtango.com/living-loving-mental-illness and check it daily for new blog posts and advice from our experts! We'll be updating it every day from Monday, August 26 through September 6.

We also invite you to join us at our Facebook page on Thursday, August 29 for an open Q&A mental health session with some of our experts. All are welcome to participate!

We look forward to a wonderful journey toward wellness together!

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