Welcome To Divorce 360: Prevention & Survival

Welcome To Divorce 360: Prevention & Survival
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There's hope in healing.

Divorce is a scary thing to face. But you don't have to go it alone — from tips to keep your marriage strong to encouragement for moving on, YourTango's Divorce 360 offers just what you need to face the future.

We're offering expert articles from relationship and divorce coaches, marriage educators, therapists, counselors and more, covering everything from the surprising tips that might save your marriage, to dating after divorce success. 

Armed with recent findings from a survey conducted by YourTango experts, we'll help you make some tough decisions about working through it, moving forward or moving on. Did you know that...

  • The majority of couples who divorce after seeking counseling do so after less than six months of help.
  • 71 percent indicate sites like AshleyMadison.com don't impact the divorce rate as spouses who want to cheat will find a way irrespective of such sites.
  • 95 percent agree one should wait at least 6 months after a divorce to start dating.
  • The biggest factor that prevents unhappy couples from splitting up is kids. However, a significant majority of experts say it's worse for your kids if you stay in an unhappy marriage.

Ready for some positive news? The top surprising traits of successful couples are pursuing one's own individual interests and hobbies (78 percent say so) followed by learning to argue — in a healthy way (36 percent).

No matter where you are on your divorce journey, YourTango can offer a shoulder, an ear and some good advice. Check back here from November 18 through November 27 for your divorce survival kit. We're here for you.

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