The Ultimate Gift: Unconditional Love

The Ultimate Gift: Unconditional Love

This holiday season, embrace real, sustaining & exciting unconditional love.

You know that "I can do anything" feeling when you're completely supported, cared for and nurtured? That's what unconditional love feels like, and here at YourTango, we're so crazy about it, we're celebrating it for the next two weeks.

From romantic relationships to parent-child relationships to our friends and even our pets, there are many different kinds of unconditional love — and they all just feel good. We're asking our love and relationship experts to share their insight and knowledge about this topic, with articles that explore whether unconditional love can be learned or if it just "happens naturally", if love should ever have limits, how to break through the barriers that keep you from loving unconditionally, and how to know when it's really real.

We're excited to share what we learned with you: "The obstacles in the way of finding your true love are not external. Each of us was born with the capacity for true love," says relationship expert Debi Berndt.

But it's not all easy roads: expert Carol Freund explains, "Unconditional love isn’t a license for bad behavior. You don't get to say, 'If you love me unconditionally, you have to accept everything I do.' You don't excuse your lover's bad behavior either."

But at the end of the day, it's all worth it. As Marie Kane describes, unconditional love "creates and supports positive feelings and attitudes, which support positive loving beliefs in all parties, positively impacts every aspect of both giver's and receiver's lives, and increases the net positive energy in the world." Now that's really something to cheer about.

Check back here for more amazing inspiration for the next two weeks. We can't wait to share the gift of unconditional love with you this holiday!

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