Facebook Takeover: We're Talking Dating Websites

Facebook Takeover: We're Talking Dating Websites
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Got a story or an opinion about online dating? We want to hear it.

Everyone knows couples that have found love online, but we've also heard horror stories and maybe even navigated a few disasters ourselves. Online dating can be a miserable experience for so many people, yet we're still handing over money and time to find matches, and potentially even love, online.

So why are we doing it? Does it really work? Are we fooling ourselves thinking that it's possible to find love online? And are the companies who fuel the industry on our site or is making profits more important to them?

Join us tomorrow 9/26/13 from 2- 3pm EST on our Facebook page (facebook.com/YourTango) as we facilitate a lively conversation about online dating with both frustrated singles, successful singles and garner some professional insight from YourTango Experts.

We will be joined by Charles J. Orlando to talk about his popular piece, Online Dating: Is It All Just One Big Web Of Lies?, which looks at the $1.9 billion industry filled with mixed messages, pick-up artists and suspicious algorithms.

Join us for this heated discussion about the online dating industry — and what's really going on for daters and industry professionals alike.

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