Twinkies: Will You Share Your Last One With Your Mate {Expert}


Do you love Twinkies? Does your partner know? How to use this crisis to build your relationship.

Ok we have all heard the news Hostess brand snack foods the company that makes Twinkies, HoHos, Ding dongs and Snowballs is going belly up. So did you stock up on your favorite guilty pleasure? Maybe even hide them away from your partner? So how do you indulge without feeling like you are having an affair the size of the general Petraeus scandal. The main thing is to remain calm; even though the store shelves may now be empty of your favorite treats there is a warehouse full of them ready to be delivered to a store near you next week. So how do you bring this addiction up to your partner? I suggest bringing it up casually while watching the evening news or while you both surfing the net. Your conversation can go something like this; “Honey, What do you think about the news about Hostess Brand snack foods is going out of business?” If he nods or grunts you probably have no worries, he hasn’t even noticed that there is a crisis. If he looks up with panic in his eyes, you may have a problem. I suggest you handle it like an adult and plan out your mode of attack. You can even use it as a relationship building tool. On a map figure out the stores on each of your routes to work and both of you hit each one. Plan to meet under cover of darkness with your snack filled vehicles and unload them when no one is looking. Maybe cleanout a space in your closets together so you have a place to store all the decadent goodies. Maybe you offering him space in your closet will bring you emotionally closer in the end. That’s what it’s all about anyway isn’t it? Use this crisis as a way to bring your relationship closer.  Talk to your partner about your past relationships with Twinkies, HoHos and Zingers and other mystery fruit snacks. It can only bring you a better understanding of where your partner is coming from. But what if you want to save the treats and he wants to eat them? This is the perfect time to discuss your feelings and set boundaries. Remind him that eating a Twinkie a day is not healthy and will probably cause erectile dysfunction. I am sure he will leave the precious cakes alone…at least for a while.