Debt, Stress, Bills and the Law of Attraction


How to attract financial abundance into your life.

When it comes to your finances, the law of attraction is, as always, hard at work attracting and manifesting whatever you believe and are emotionally focused on. Our beliefs are nestled deep in our subconscious and control our beliefs as to what we are worthy of and what is possible. If you believe you can never get ahead or you only deserve just enough to barely get by, or there’s never enough, your subconscious will emit these thought frequencies which in return will attract back into your life these exact situations in order to support our perceived reality. 

Are you stressed out and frustrated about that pile of bills, avoiding bill collectors, fighting with your spouse, worrying about how to make your next payment, looking for a solution and feeling terrible about it? If so, that’s the exact signal, or frequency you’re broadcasting out into the universe. By obsessing or focusing on your financial problems only makes matters worse and the more you focus on them, stressing over them, trying to find a solution, the worse it gets because you keep attracting more negativity back into your reality. Focus = Fuel. The more you focus on emotions such as: anxiety, worry, stress, fear, hopelessness, frustration, doubt, you create more of these negative emotions and the problem just keeps gaining momentum. It’s a catch-22, a self-fulfilling prophecy, unless you STOP this negative thought process.

First affirm: “I am the master of and control my own thoughts, feelings and emotions.” It is imperative that you focus your thoughts on your positive attraction of financial abundance.

Next remove the “Need” from your thoughts. All of your “Need’s” are divinely taken care for so be happy and show gratitude for these blessings. If you worry about “Needs” you project a lack of trust and faith and overall low vibrational energy.  Remember: We are, and attract into our lives, what we choose to think, say and believe about ourselves and our perceived reality.  

Now that you have chosen to go up to a high vibrational plain, have given thanks to your higher source for providing for all your needs, you can now affirm: “I am always blessed with more than enough money for everything I desire and I am so grateful that all of my needs are divinely provided to me.”

When you start feeling stressed about finances start repeating these affirmations over and over and over. Worrying about “How” must be avoided as it is not your concern at this point in time. As challenging as it may be to deify your logic, worrying about the “how” will block your positive attraction energy and affirm (subconsciously) that you believe it is NOT possible to gain financial abundance. The “How” will be presented to you but you must keep your faith and an indestructible belief in your worthiness and the power of the law of attraction.  

Other affirmations you can use in times of financial stress are:

“I am grateful that money comes to me easily and frequently”

“I am naturally happy, healthy and wealthy”

“I am grateful and thankful for my financial prosperity”

“I am always focused on joyful and happy thoughts.”

The keys are to:  

A) Believe you are worthy of financial abundance.  

B) STOP focusing on the problem and acknowledge that your “Needs” are divinely provided.

C) Focus, obsess and affirm positively on your deserving of and blessing of financial abundance.

D) DO NOT worry about the “How.”

E) Be happy and grateful with a steadfast belief that you are deserving and then watch for the solutions.

By following these steps you will transmit positive thought vibrations that will manifest the “How” by attracting financial solutions in the form of: situations, opportunities, people, unexpected money, unexpected promotion, job offer, who knows…the sky is the limit to “How” you will be blessed with financial abundance.

Here are some downloadable audio affirmations programs about money for you to listen to over and over in order to subconsciously reprogram HOW the Law of Attractions works in your life.

1: Attracting Wealth Abundance & Prosperity 

2: Be Rich

3: I Am Happy, Healthy and Wealthy 

Remember: You are and attract into you life what you choose to think, say and believe about yourself and your perceived reality.".......It's your choice, so choose wisely my friend.

RJ Banks is the author of  the best-selling book "The Power of I AM and the Law of Attraction" and the popular audio affirmations programs available at www.loaaffirmations.com. Join him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/loaaffirmations.