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6-10 years


Singapore SG 669600 - Singapore



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Dating Coach, Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter

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Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first. ~ Carrie Bradshaw

About Rishma Petraglia

Rishma is a Love Coach & Matchmaker at The Heart Whispers, a dating service that helps people to become the best version of themselves, so they can attract a life long partner. Originally from Canada, Rishma is a certified Educator and practising Life Coach in Singapore for over 5 years. She has a special ability to intuitively understand her clients needs to guide them on their journey to find love. She has been featured in worldwide publications such as Mindbodygreen, Connected Women, and Thrive Global. She has also completed training with the Singapore Development Network (SDN) to learn more about the dating industry in Singapore. Her burning passion and desire to help people find love is evident the moment you speak with her. As she was someone who struggled with dating and relationships in her early years, she took it upon herself to uncover and lift the old patterns holding her back from finding a healthy and happy relationship. In turn she is now in a beautiful marriage based on three aspects: unconditional love, acceptance and respect.

For more information visit: www.theheartwhispers.com

Rishma Petraglia Success Stories

"My favourite part of the Find Your Self Love course was discovering so much negativity that has been buried underneath was mind-blowing".


"Before the Reiki sessions, I felt heavy, unconnected, stuck, haunted by the past. During the Reiki sessions, I saw colours and was amazed at how the energy was flowing whenever a particular chakra was most activated. After the Reiki sessions, I felt lighter and more peaceful

I would recommend Rishma as a Reiki therapist because she is good at what she does, which is helping and healing people. She is genuine, warm-hearted and always so cheerful. Her Reiki sessions have been effective and she encourages that I learn Reiki so I can do self-healing on myself.

My favourite part of the Find Your Self Love course was discovering so much negativity that has been buried underneath was mind-blowing. This course of learning about self-love was like clearing out an extremely messy, dusty, and dump-throwing closet that has been stuffed with so much junk over the years. There was a lot of forgiving to do - forgiving our parents, the people who have hurt us, and most importantly ourselves which was essential in the Self-Love course.

I wasn’t too sure if a 5 session course would be sufficient to get rid of so much mental junk I had but I realized that the journey to self-love is not dependent on others. Not on our parents, our friends, our partners or even our therapist! This course was a great stepping stone to understanding how we can start to learn how to love ourselves. The rest is up to us." ~ - Joey Kwok, Singapore

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