You can't Win if You Don't Play


Get in the game of life.

You Can't Win if You Don't Play

You can't win if you don't play, the sales slogan of the California State Lottery is my all time favorite. It is one the simplest most profound and effective sales slogans ever on par with Nike's legendary slogan Just do it. They both state the obvious which we quite often tend to overlook and appeals to everyone's desire to be successful and win.
This slogan actually applies to all aspects of our lives. All humans are actually playing the game of life but at many different levels. It's essential to achieve clarity on what are your most important games in life to play and then take the appropriate actions to train yourself to play to win.
Most Important Game to Play

It's my opinion that the number one life game to play is creating and maintaining good health. It takes a lot of energy to be highly successful at any thing in life. Creating the highest level of energy and good health as possible, should be our number one priority. Unless you are healthy, fit and energetic you will not be able to play the entire game of life to win. A high level of wellness is a great blessing with unlimited benefits. It is the foundation for success in everything that you do 24/7.

How to Play the Game of Wellness to Win
To be well we need Oxygen, water, real food, movement, rest, fun, clarity and challenges. These are all things that we all our doing most of the time and some all of the time. The question is: How well are you playing this essential game of wellness which gives the foundation and energy to win the game of life. Hey, this sounds like my Ageless Living Lifestyle. If you want to greatly improve your opportunity to win the game of life, contact me for a FREE 30 minute phone conversation. I will help you get clarity and to get started with your essential lifetime wellness program. The contact form is on the home Page @