Love Your Body: 35 Ways To Improve Your Health

Love Your Body: 35 Ways To Improve Your Health [EXPERT]

22. Refrain from eating fast foods. There are many hidden artificial fillers in these foods and many may contain antibiotics, hormones, or pesticide residues that you don't want in your body. Whole, fresh foods give way to cleaner energy and a clearer mind. —Lorina Shinsato

23. Eat wild caught fish and avoid farmed fish. Did you know that farmed fish are often injected with dyes to enhance the color of the meat? Farmed fish also do not have high omega fatty acid content (healthy fats that are anti-inflammatory) and may have other chemicals due to the nature of farm fishing. Choose fish that are lower in mercury content. Mercury builds up in our bodies over time and then interferes with our nervous system functions including poor memory, decreased mental clarity and increased perception of pain. Check out for a handy chart! —Lorina Shinsato

24. Eat organic and local as much as possible. Support your local farmers, decrease the fuel consumption it takes to get the food to your table and oh, it tastes better too! With every bite, you are helping reduce the amount of pesticides and herbicides used in agriculture and creating healthier environments. Visit the Environmental Working Group, a non-profit group dedicated to the power of information, website for tips! —Lorina Shinsato

25. Think positive! Do you know it takes about 12 positives to counter a negative? Wow, what hard work it is to reverse negative thinking. We should focus on what is going right in our lives and allow that to flow. —Lorina Shinsato

26. Practice the attitude of gratitude! End the day with a gratitude journal listing three things you are grateful for. It is like a light-switch to positive thinking. We create our realities based on what we focus on. —Lorina Shinsato

27. Negate negativity. Negativity affects every thing you do in life. Always look for the best in every situation and get rid of the "negative vampires" in your life. Hang around positive people. We all need all the help we can get. As it relates to health, an attitude such as, "I will do whatever it takes to have the best health and body," will always lead to positive changes. —Mark Dilworth

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28. Stay motivated. What motivates you to get healthier? Having the right motivation will help keep your attitude positive. —Mark Dilworth