In the Great Outdoors


Enjoy the many benefits of exercising outdoors.

In the great Outdoors
I highly recommend getting as much of your exercise as possible in the great outdoors. Gyms and machines do have their place, particularly if the weather is extreme. However there are so many advantages to exercising outdoors I will list some of them.
• In most cases it’s free, unless you are attending an outdoor class.
• You get to breathe fresh clean air. Did you know that the worst air quality is found in doors?
• You get to sight see and enjoy nature while exercising.
• You can do things that are actually fun to get your exercise.
• You can take off your shoes and get grounded and connect with the energy from Mother Earth.
• You can escape the world of technology and EMFs for awhile, giving your brain and body a rest.
• You can combine all three types of exercise; aerobic, strength and flexibility and get all of the above benefits by going for a power walk in the park, stop at a park bench and do some strength exercises and stretching.

Do your best to plan some outdoor exercise and you will see how much more beneficial and enjoyable your session can be.