5 Reasons Legalizing Gay Marriage Could Save The World

Homosexuality: Why Legalizing Gay Marriage Could Save The World
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Legalizing marriage for homosexuals would create a healthier and more authentic future for our kids.

  • Children would be taught to create a healthy, diverse, and authentic future. Instead of teaching and mirroring hate, exclusion, and lack of understanding, gay marriage would teach a new generation how empowering it is for someone to be who they are because they're not pretending to be someone they're not.
  • Cheating and infidelity would be replaced by trust and integrity. Of course if I could actually make that happen, then I would manufacture a pill and be a millionaire. Seriously, though, think about it. If people weren't hiding their sexuality while secretly hooking up through apps and websites, cheating and infidelity would decrease. Just a gut instinct.
  • Commitment, adoption rates, and family values would increase. Gasp! What would the Traditional Values Coalition think about that statement? Yet it's very true on so many fronts. LGBT people really want marriage, so they’re obviously committed to the investment. LGBT couples who want kids will jump through hoops to create those families. So of course, they're going to be committed to those two pillars of society.

Quite contrary to what the right-wrong (a.k.a. right-wing) and religiously mistaken would like the world to believe, gay marriage will not lead to the detriment of society. What's detrimental to society is not letting love win over all else.

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