My Pride, My Way: A Gay Man's Coming Out Story

LGBT Pride Month: gay pride
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In honor of LGBT Pride Month, our expert reflects on his own journey to becoming gay and proud.

If you don't understand depression, then all you can do is live in fear of what it really is like. If you haven't experienced loss, then all you can do is live in fear of what loss on any front will feel like until you experience it. The point is, until any of us experience something we haven't experienced anything. Same goes with pride and (for me) gay pride. The only thing that truly brought me to a space of being prideful in my gay self was seeing that pride wasn't about marching in a parade or attending a Gay Pride Festival; it was simply about being at ease and comfortable to be authentically who I am — a father, son, uncle, coach, artist, cyclist, writer, speaker, life-long learner, friend and gay man. That's what makes me proud and gives me strength to educate others as to why Gay Pride can have a monumental impact on the world.

Adopting the stance that being proud of whom we are without remorse is a gift — not a threat — the sooner we as a human race will more quickly alleviate pain and suffering. Whether you're gay, straight, bisexual or transgender, go celebrate yourself and have a happy Pride Month being authentically who you are with no regrets!

Rick Clemons, The Coming Out Coach
Certified Professional Coach (CPC)

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