Is Mardi Gras A Cover Up?

mardi gras

If you think you're not acting gay, think again. It's Mardi Gras...don't be scared!

Gay men get berated for being promiscuous, sexual carnivores, but it's ok for little Sally Sue from Wichita to flash her 38 DD's all in the name of beads the size of bull's testicles. If she really wants more, then she can invite a little touchy, touchy of her mounds, which will earn her a matching crown to go with the beads. Of course, we never know where it leads from "touchy, touchy," but many a maiden and manservant in the thralls of Mardi Gras, have found wanton sexual release in the arms of a stranger—all starting with the flash of their privates in the faces of thousands of strangers! 5 Reasons Gay Men Have Bigger Balls Than Straight Men

Strike 3: Sexual energy is sexual energy...period! Whether it's released in celebration, behind closed doors or by flashing your breasts or penis in pursuit of beads, sexual energy is omnipresent at Mardi Gras. And it isn't just a gay thing. Provided you're not passed out and that Mr. Happy's found his way to stand at attention, more than likely you will be having sex at Mardi Gras. I don't care if it's mind-blowing sex or wipe that from the memories sex—just sex! How it turns out or what you discover about yourself is your Mardi Gras secret to keep or to share. Just don't blame it on the gays or say that you're any different. 5 Tips For Loving The Gay Man Within

Drink, Drink, Drink: Quicker than Carrie Bradshaw can order a Cosmo, someone, somewhere is proclaiming, "All gays do is drink, screw and repeat!" Perceptions are funny that way. Truth is, we gays do leave some room in there for alternate forms of nutrition like orange slices from our cocktails. How else would we have the stamina to maintain the aforementioned routine? But we didn't birth the "drink like a fish" practice at Mardi Gras. Sure, we'd like to take the credit, but instead, we just join in the mind-numbing activity.

Strike 4: Do not repeat and do not say, "The gays made me drink it!" There's no twisting arms, forcing mouths open and telling you that you have to drink. It's your own individual Mardi Gras experience. If you choose to drink like a fabulous gay and can pull it off, then go for it. Just remember, you chose to do it. And the next time you hear yourself saying, "Gays just drink like a fish," remember your Mardi Gras experience where you swam right there with us. Mardi Gras: Our 5 Favorite Cocktail Recipes

Mardi Gras: a vibrant celebration of life alive with color, revelry, dancing and joy; a space and experience to discover yourself in front of and behind the mask. It's also a vantage point to observe the similarity of actions we take. The difference? It's how we find loopholes to justify our actions, while holding critical judgment towards others exact same behaviors. There's you Lent challenge—giving up judgments. Can you do it?

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