How Ms. Lindsay Lohan Can Get Out Of Jail Once & For All


Saying these two words could be just the medicine Lindsay needs to get it right - "I am..."

Alcoholics say, “I’m Mick and I’m and alcoholic.” Sex addicts admit, “I’m Justin and I’m a sex addict.” Overeaters confess, “I’m Tanya and I’m an overeater.” So what do all these people know that’s keeping them out of their own jail cells that Ms. Lindsay Lohan seems to find elusive? They’ve learned to admit “I am!” Plain and simple! No photo ops, press conferences, or house arrest ankle bracelets needed to aid them in admitting they’ve hit their rock bottom, are truly ready to do the work, and want to step into being a different “I am” for themselves.

The Formula
It’s a two-step that doesn’t require the singsong melodies of Shania Twain or boot scootin’ down to a country bar to learn the steps. In fact, this two-step formula is something I developed and use daily with clients as they dig into and embrace their truth in order to experience unencumbered freedom.

Step 1 - Get rid of your “should be’s.” The moment you find yourself backed against a wall and muttering, “I should be...,” immediately stop and ask “Why?” The “should be’s” are messy little critters that are either “self-induced” or “others, critically acclaimed directorial debuts” on how we “should be/do” life. Instead, your invited to let the finger fly in the face of “should...!” Well, maybe not every time, but at least when it’s got you should-ing more than being in Step 2 which is...

Step 2 – Welcome the I Am’s! Whether your going on a date with Mr. Bad Apple or eating that extra piece of Dutch Apple Pie, just own it and say “I Am!” It’s that seductive state of really being “I am” that gives you the power to move, shake things up, and be you. Let the judgment go and just be in your I am! What you’ll find is a juicy nectar of peace, power, and purpose that does two things (see here’s more of that two step stuff coming your way!)

First, you become more accepting of you as you are. Second, you get to stand and curiously observe your “I Am” and determine if that’s who, what, where, why, and how you really want to be. Now here’s the trick. If it’s not who you want to be, you run the risk of slipping back into the “should be’s.”  If you find yourself saying, “I should be dating nicer guys, or eating less Dutch Apple Pie,” then, you just slipped back into a fully furnished, “should be” walk-up on “my life sucks lower east side!” But don’t’ worry, we’re not going there, and here’s why. You've felt the luscious ecstasy pulsing through your veins like a ‘rocking the bed orgasm’ when you stand in your truthful “I Am.”

If your “I Am” isn’t serving you, instead of retreating into the “I know I should be,” make a new choice, change the channel, and step into the “I Am” without a second thought. It’s a celebrity studded way to get rid of the “should be’s” and step into your “I Am’s.” It rocks, it’s easy, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out.

Did you hear that? Lindsay...are you listening? I’ve got your answer to getting on with your good self...oh wait. You also should want to take responsibility for yourself.


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