Have Hotter Sex Using Your Core Energy!


Uncover your energy blocks to keep it hard, have multiple orgasms, and enjoy afternoon delights.

Yawn. Sex is sex. If that’s the case for you, I’m sorry to hear that! There’s a good chance unlocking and understanding your inner energy towards sex could change everything. Quite honestly, since I uncovered my core energetic profile, and came to understand how I energetically show up in all aspects of life, my sex life rocks even more...and not just because I’m a gay man. Now, you may be saying to yourself, “Core energy. So what? It must be a New Age LA thing.” Actually, it’s not. Core energy work is being used all over the world to help people reduce stress, increase the productivity, and of course, to have deeper more intimate relationships which includes HOTTTER SEX.

From my own personal experience, tapping into my default and secondary energies, and knowing my primary stress energies, I am now better equipped to ask for what I want, accept what my partner is willing give, and better able to understand what my partner desires when we head for the pleasure palace called the bedroom, sometimes the living room, and even the dining room, when the hunger hits us. This is not woo woo, fad of the month stuff. The more you know about your energetic self, how to shift your energies, and what your mate or playmates energy is, the more likely you are to experience deeper more intimate relationships – in and out of the bedroom.  You’re probably asking, "What does all this mean and how can I get me some energy insight to start rockin' my Sleep Number?"

Simple! First you have to be willing to explore and open up to the concept that energy exists in, around us, as well as in everything we do. Our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behaviors are energy, and dictate how we enter into our sexual relations. For instance, “Having sex” comes from a completely different energy space than “Making love.” The ability to identify yours and your partners’ energy enables you to vibrate at a much different energetic frequency, no pun intended. However, vibrators can and do enhance the energy of the sexual experience for many couples – gay or straight – so bring them on and let them enhance the sexual experience - if that's in your bag of tricks.

There are 7 sexual energies we all are capable of experiencing. Once these are identified and understood for you individually, and as a couple (with a little help from a sexual energy professional), then fireworks, sensual savvy, and “OMG’s” prevail – however and whenever they are meant to fit into the sexual activity of your life.

#1 HoHum, What’s The Point – this is the hopeless sexual energy. No amount of manual stimulation, just right penetration, or foreplay will get either one of you off or into sexual Euphoria, when sex is approached from this perspective. To move forward may require a complete overhaul of how you or your partner view life and sex. This energy can be situational or chronic. If chronic, it is highly recommended that the help of a mental health professional be sought.

#2 Standing At The Crossroads – Conflict is at the core of this energy. “I really would like to have sex, but my favorite TV show is on.” “Ughhh, I know he really likes me licking his balls, but that really doesn’t do anything for me.” Anytime you are questioning, comparing, contrasting something in your sexual life, you are more than likely in the crossroads of conflict. However, there is a silver lining to this sexual energy. Conflict leads to getting off your bum and doing something, not just waiting for something to happen.

#3 Coping with clitoris and penis! Let’s go right for the jugular with this energy. If you’re justifying why you let him stimulate your clitoris in a way that leads you to a Best Actress Oscar performance rather than an authentic orgasm, then you’re coping sweetheart! And why? To make him feel better? To let him know he’s a learned man? Or maybe the shoes on the other foot and no matter how often she slathers your man penis with her saliva, you just can’t get past the teeth grating against your skin...but she’s trying! Talk about communication breaking down. In this energy you are primed for moving out of “It’s ok,” to “Let’s stop coping, start talking, and make it better for both of us!”

#4 It’s all about you baby! As we begin to step forward into higher levels of sexual energies that build us up – us being both parties – we land in the sexual energy of the passion of compassion. Often exercised out of love and caring for others, the energy of compassion, carries the scent of sensuality that can’t be misconstrued as selfish. However, tread cautiously when making it “All for you baby!” Yes, we all love to be showered with love, affection, and the occasional, “Let me just get you off!” Yet, when not kept in check, these feelings, emotions, and loving displays of affection can easily send us into the spiral of conflict. What started as a selfless act of pleasing our partner just turned into the proverbial “Can’t you see that I’m trying to make you happy? You just don’t get it do you?” Be passionately compassionate with both you and your partner in mind.

#5 What about you? What about Me? This sexual energy is highly sensual as it emanates from a space of all about the “WE!” What do WE want to experience together from this sexual encounter? How do WE desire to please each other? When should WE try something new to enhance our playtime? Questions like these, spark the “win/win” conversations that catapult “Sex on Tuesday’s at 8:00 p.m." to “Rock my world tiger(ess) with the wink of an eye!” Open the door, unzip the drawers, and drop the garters because you both get the energy of WE, which is so much more powerful than the energy of ME!

#6 In the moment. If you’ve been alive in the last decade you’ve probably heard the phrase, “Be Present!” "In the moment, fully present" energy can be difficult to sustain. We most often experience this energy in moments of unbridled passion and in the pure magical essence of the orgasm. Think of it as you’ve just suspended yourself in time and space where life is just to be experienced – no good or bad. It’s just an orgasm, a release, a intimate passionate moment. Those who can fully transport themselves into this visionary state often see it as a “I am you, you are me, and we are we” state of being. Quite honestly it can be one of the most erotic experiences ever had – if you allow yourself to truly let go – no enhancements needed. Just let go and be.

#7 Nothing is anything other than energy. That’s all that is happening in this final energetic state. No judgments, no assumptions, no good or bad. In this state the WE are in a creation state of just creating a sexual experience by being very conscious and simply creating. It’s erotic nirvana. A state where you’re the dominant and the submissive; the receiver and the giver; the observer and the player; all happening simultaneously because you have allowed it to just be – no judgments!

Stepping out of your shell, allowing your sexual experiences to be driven by your energetic charge, and consciously embarking on an erotic path where your thoughts guide your emotions, you invite yourself to lovingly become the student and teacher in your own sexual exploits. Once understood and mastered to the best of your abilities, “What might then be possible in your work, social relationships, spirituality, and relationship with self, just by unlocking the keys to your energetic make up?”

The Seven Levels Of Sexual Energy are based upon Bruce D. Schneider’s revolutionary, Energy Leadership Index Assessment, reveals how you are consciously and subconsciosly approaching not only your sex life, but all aspects of your life. Once you have this information in your hands, you'll tap into a new way to opening up and living authentically. By positively unleashing and shifting your thoughts, feelings, emotions, behaviors, and energy you become the master at living in your world not at the affect of your world.

Rick Clemons, The Coming Out Coach
Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Energy Leader Index, Master Practioner (ELI-MP)

Rick Clemons is a Certified Professional Coach who's been featured on The Ricki Lake Show, and is a highly sought after radio show guest, blogger, author, and Sex Coach U Faculty Member.

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