Why I Lost Respect For (& My Crush On) Rupert Everett

Why I Lost Respect For (& My Crush On) Rupert Everett [EXPERT]
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Rick Clemons once had a mad crush on the star of "My Best Friend's Wedding" ... but not anymore.

2. No one wins a Tony Award at the expense of someone else. I get that my beloved Rupert has been "shafted" by the Hollywood community since bravely exiting from the closet. However, sticking it to us "gay dads" or the children we proudly raise by no means ensures that you're a shoe-in to replace Neil Patrick Harris as host of the Tony's.

See, they like us gay dads and embrace the fact that we have the balls to push the "envelope, please!"

3. Anger does not breed compassion. Whether Rupert said it with anger or just allowed the verbal diarrhea to unconsciously roll out of his mouth and past his perfect pearly whites, the fact is, he said it.

Compassion be damned and slivers of understanding go to hell. Without the barometer of compassion there simply is no room for alternate points of view.

What can you take from this little rant and how can you use in your own relationship(s)? Here's just one thought to plant a seed: Take time to clean up the dirty laundry of your own life before you put on an Oscar-winning performance that leads you right out of the warm embrace of those who compasionately love you the most.

In other words, my dear Rupert ... go find yourself another heart to call home. We're through. Oh, and by the way, take a look inside to see what's really got that burr up your arse!