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Are cravings, emotional eating or negative body image your biggest obstacles?
Do you desire having the energy, health, and fabulous body you deserve?

If you are ready to take better care of yourself than ever, I am your coach!

About Richele Henry

My life's work and passion is supporting women like you to break free from cravings, emotional eating and negative body image, while empowering you to live a wildly fulfilling, sweet and juicy life. It is my commitment to be a source of information, support and encouragement.

Imagine what your life would be like if you:
-gained control over your cravings
-were guilt and stress-free with food
-gained confidence in yourself and your body again

Strong desire + willingness to make changes + support and accountability
= Anything is possible! Loving and accepting your body can be a reality.

I can support women just like you to experience amazing results. You can create a loving relationship with food and your body and I can show you how.

Richele Henry Success Stories

"I lost 30 lbs in 3 months!"

Single women

"The 7-Day Cleanse changed my life. I have lost 30 pounds virtually without effort. I feel INCREDIBLE!!! I had no idea I even felt bad-- until this, when I started feeling so good!!!more

Aside from an occasional craving this has been incredibly easy-- I guess because I feel so good. I have been sugar and gluten-free for over three months!! Also I never went back to caffeine aside from a few decaf cappuccinos!"

-Mimi W. 
7-Day Cleanse Participant

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