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My goal is to make non-monogamy by either ex a victimless event.

About Richard Nocera

If a non-monogamous event has you in its emotional grip, I can help you. I am a non-traditional relationship/crisis coach. I work with men and women who are struggling with the tumultuous emotions and personal challenges created by a non-monogamous event. What is a non-monogamous event? A sexual encounter that results in feelings of betrayal. The event can range from "getting caught" flirting, masturbating, watching porn, having a lap dance or engaging in extramarital intercourse.

My goal is to help men and women make non-monogamy a victimless event by seeing the situation in a new and healthier light. In our culture, the typical response to non-monogamy is severing connections, alienation, rejection and divorce. This response creates a crisis and tremendous suffering for all parties involved: children, spouses, in-laws and friends. Lifetime wounds are created. Families are destroyed. Children's lives are disrupted. Family finances are compromised and the ability to love and trust again is severely damaged. If there is still love in the relationship, much of this devastation can be mitigated. A non-monogamous event does not have to destroy the relationship.

I help clients answer the question: "Why do I get so hurt when my mate has a sexual desire for someone else?" The goal is to identify the underlying source of your pain, understand it and heal it.

If you are interested in the alleviating pain surrounding non-monogamy, call me. I can help you.

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