Eating & Food Issues

Years in Practice

10 years +


Astoria NY 11103 - United States


MS, Other

Additional Expertise

Health Coach, Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Healer, Wellness Coach

I Practice in

Multiple states/provinces, please inquire



I Believe

One's true character is displayed through the experiences we encounter. The daily obstacles that we face can only strengthen our soul leading us to become a stronger individual. From this point, success can only be achieved through our perseverance with one another.

About Richard Chan ~Wholistic Health & Wellness Life Coach~

Who is Richard Chan?

Im a Wholistic Health and Wellness Life Coach.  An expert in my field with experience and knowledge that stems from being a Medical Practitoner of Qi Gong and additional areas such as Acupuncture, Reflexlogy, Psych-K, Emotional Quotient, and other forms of modalities.  In addition, I am well versed in Weight Loss, Nutrition, Body Shaping, Strength and Conditioning, and Rehabilitation. 

My passion is to help transform your quality of life with yourself and relationship with others.  This is rooted through your own health and wellness by balancing oneself in all areas of your life.  It is truly learning how to integrate your mind, body, and spirit as one.

What is F.L.E.X.?

As a Healing Practitioner I integrate the F.L.E.X. principles that I've created.  They are Focus (a person's mind and intention), Lifestyle (extends to you making the necessary changes by adjusting to those variables, Energy (upbeat with a positive attitude), Xercise (stay healthy with our mind, body, and spirit). As some of us are aware that there is a correlation and relationship between our emotions and physical changes in the body.

Why Contact Richard Chan?

Im an expert that has experienced and overcomed illnesses, diseases, injuries, and emotions during my life.  Im able to train my mind to an extensive point where I can teach others how to persevere obstacles using this ability and integrating other life tools. Im a compassionate individual that understands and feels what you are experiencing. I truly believe in order to be a teacher you must always invest in yourself by learning on a constant basis in order to assist others.  My main niche has always been to be a lifetime student.

I possess knowledge in various realms of education from Health Education (Strength and Conditioning, Rehabilitation, Nutrition, etc), Communications, and Engineering.  I have been personal training and coaching for over 15 years in the Health and Fitness field.  I have had the priviledge to work alongside great colleagues and teachers in the Holistic field.  Im appreciative and honored to succesfully work with many individual clients, groups, professionals, strength and conditioning to law enforcement, and periodization to athletes.

I have written publications, articles, and a freelance writer. Im an upcoming author that will have books out by 2013.  My passion involves the mind, body, and spirit that have made my primary focus as an Educator in Health, Healer and Coach.

The Connection Process

An important factor is the comfortability level.  I encourage people to inquire anything thats on their mind or ask as many questions before we connect. 

I also connect with clients who are not in the local surrounding area by phone, via Skype, video conference, or other technological advances that allow us to partake in a meetup.  I sometimes do mobile services by going to your location but it depends on a few factors (distance, travel fee, etc).  Feel free to inquire about this.  Since that is behind us, lets begin that positive and fulfilling journey! :)

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