Seduce With Style: 4 Made-to-Measure Pieces That Turn Heads


Four head-turning, bespoke pieces to add to your wardrobe.

Appearances aren't everything, but discerning women know it sure gets your stiletto in the door. One of the things I like most about living in Italy is the fashion. A stroll down any street will convert even the biggest fashion skeptic into a lover of moda.

Ready to stand out as a woman of unique style and sophistication – from head to foot – and turn the heads of high-caliber men wherever you go? Let's jet-set to Rome for a made-to-measure shopping extravaganza. No need to check luggage. Just pack essentials in a carry on bag and grab your passport. 

Classy Cashmere Stole

Wrap yourself in style and warmth with a cashmere stole from Lunaria Cashmere in Via Vittoria 55, Rome - Tel. + 39 06 6992 1937 

Curve-Hugging Jeans

Denim aficionados design, cut and stitch jeans to fit and flatter your every curve. They aim to satisfy your every whim and offer three options. Select unico for 100% bespoke, personalized jeans. Doddo Officina Indaco in Via della Reginella 8A, Rome – Tel. +39 06 6830 1296

Oversized Leather Handbag

Tired of seeing your luxury bag on the arm of every other woman? Head to Artigianino III - Vicolo Dè Cinque 49, Roma – Tel. +39 06 8897 1430

Sexy Stilettos Made-in-Italy

Skilled artisans craft each pair with love and care – by hand – in practically any color your heart desires. This is shoe heaven! Procopio in Tor De’ Schiavi 74, Rome – Tel. +39 06 231 0602

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