Single Boomer or Gen-Xer? 4 Reasons Twenty-Somethings Envy You

Single Boomer or Gen-Xer? 4 Reasons Twenty-Somethings Envy You

Being a single woman over 40 has it's perks. If you've ever felt sorry for yourself, read this.

“I hate being single! Ackkk!” I hear that line hundreds of times from women I meet. If your single life is a drag then YOU are to blame. There is a power you have when you are single (and NOT twenty-something). If you would only embrace it, your life would be ROCKIN’!

I have a list that would rival the length of ancient scrolls, but here are 4 great ones:

1) You are likely to avoid having a “starter marriage”! Pamela Paul, editor at American Demographics magazine, found that in 2000 over four million twenty- to thirty-four-year-olds reported their status as “divorced.” Staggering and rather sad. I know quite a few of them.

If you were able to avoid this, that’s a good thing. I’m not saying that one should regret it if it did happen. Every choice we make and have made in our lives makes us who we are. You learn, you heal and then you move on.

What I’m saying is don’t envy women who found their sweethearts in high school or college. You never know what the real deal is. Just be grateful for the time you’ve had to grow up, explore yourself and the world.

I am just glad I waited. I had some close calls, but Julia Roberts was there to lend me her running shoes. Just kidding! Seriously, I am secure in my belief that when I do tie the knot, it will be with the right person and “forever”...

2) You attract better quality men! A good friend of mine always told me, “When you hit forty, you just don’t tolerate nonsense anymore.” Hmm, I guess it has a lot to do with being more secure, knowing who you are, what you want (and don’t) and just plain not putting up with it!

She also told me that I would understand when I reached that milestone, but I seem to have hit it 10 years early, LOL! Do you feel the same way?

3) You have major sex appeal! As Aimee Mullins said, “Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman has. It’s much sexier than any body part.” I ditched everyone’s ideal of what was attractive and sexy–light years before I truly acquired a healthy dose of self-esteem and confidence in myself. Don’t ask me how I pulled that one off…

So if you are single and in your thirties, forties or older, don’t envy younger women–married or not. Remember what you have done in your life and how far you’ve come. Just being in that place of acknowledgment will unleash mega mojo vibes no man can resist!

4) Fun and freedom without the schlepping! This one’s my fave. Many of us struggled when we were in our twenties. If you traveled, you slept at hostels and ate at budget places. Not that there is anything wrong with roughing it, it builds character. It can be major fun too.

However, it’s nice to have the choice not to do it. Once you’re 'grown and sexy' life becomes a sizzle fest (that’s how I view it).

I played Cicero to a group of 65 American women (all business owners, entrepreneurs or professionals between the ages of 30 and 60, mind you). These fun-loving, mostly single women had come to explore Italy for 10 days.

They had the freedom to do it diva style. I was able to show them the best of both worlds. On one hand, the joys of experiencing the Old Continent as a local and on the other, understanding where they were coming from as a fellow American to make the experience all the richer.

Twas exciting times:

  • Zipping around Rome on scooters; exploring the nooks and crannies only locals know about.
  • Showing them my authentic Italy. The one I had come to love after over 7 years living there.
  • Hosting private VIP mixers for them because I had connections and friends galore.
  • Running around translating for the ladies who had met handsome men. Very funny!
  • Teaching them how to flawlessly flirt Italian-style and how to create that magnetic look fashion-wise.

Not something your typical 23-year-old can do–even with daddy’s money. You see, savoir faire is SEXY and you can’t have it without having authentically acquired it–through REAL LIFE. Yes, that’s the fifth one!

You’ve built a great life for yourself. You know who you are, what you want and who you want. Now go out and LIVE with love, gratitude and PASSION!

Are YOU in?



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