6 Behaviors Of Low Value Women

If someone were to follow you around every day, would they be able to tell you value yourself?

Day by day, you are building up (or lowering) your value in the eyes of everyone you come in contact with. The length of time doesn't matter. It could be 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 days or 5 years. Online or offline. 

There are plenty of wasy amazing women show up as low value in their daily lives. Here are six of them.

6 Low Value Behaviors

Settling for less than you deserve romantically. I once dated a man for 6 months when I knew I should have broken things off after the first few weeks. He was a great man and close to what I wanted. However, there was a fundamental flaw in our relationship. 

He wanted a lifestyle that was different from what I wanted. I was tired of dating and I 'tricked' myself into thinking I could make do. Thank God I let him go!

Today, I have exactly who I desired, needed and so much more. 

Settling for less than you deserve financially. I hate to see women do this. I used to do it. I would see something I knew would get me to the next level in business or in my personal life. And I would say, "I don't have the money." Or, I would purchase things based on price, when I had the money to get what I truly desired. 

I cringe every time I hear a woman say it now. Instead, ask yourself how you can afford it. The way, money or connections always show up only after you take a leap of faith by taking action---and not a second before.

Don't be cheap with yourself. Always give yourself the very best you can according to your spending plan. 

Doing the same things you've always done expecting different results. So many women try to solve love challenges this way. They keep doing the same things, over and over. Like Einstein said, that's the definition of insanity.

I heard the story of a woman who asked a mentor for help on a certain subject. The mentor told her to buy a certain book. She refused because she had never spent more than $10 on the book. Ridiculous! Well, not so much.

How many times have you refused to invest in something and you stuck to your "way of doing things"? The result? You're still dealing with the same problem.

Trying many different things to solve challenges that never seem to go away. Okay, this is the opposite of the last point. You've heard the phrase "throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks"? Yeah. We've all been guilty of this.

We read 10 different books, follow 7 different mentors, join (and never finish) 3 different programs to solve a challenge we have in our lives. And then we wonder why we are still stuck in the same place 5 years later.

Find something or someone you resonate with and stick with it for 6 to 12 months. At least. Period. You can't be successful without consistency.

Making excuses for men who mistreat you. "Oh, but he takes me out and does this or that..." That's what I used to say to my friends about the emotionally abusive men I dated when I was 19. I justified that they could treat me a certain way because I got some of what I wanted.

How blind I was! I certainly did not know my value. Stop protecting and making excuses for bad behavior. Call it like you see it. The truth.