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Author, Consultant, Divorce Coach, Divorce Recovery Coach, Hypnotherapist, Image Consultant, Life Coach, Marriage/Couples Counselor, Matchmaker, Mentor, Personal Development Coach, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Coach, Spiritual Healer, YourTango Expert Partner



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that every person deserves extraordinary love. When you Get Real about Love and are honest with yourself you have the keys to renivent and design your amazing life. It's your turn to create your new love story! I Believe in love for you! 

About Renee Piane

Renee Piane, The Love Designer is a master at connecting people and a pioneer in the dating industry. She’s been an internationally known love and relationship reinvention expert for the last 27 years. In 2014, Renee was the Voted The Best International Dating Coach at the I Date conference. As the pioneer and president of Rapid Dating, she has facilitated thousands of love matches and connections with her love seminars and social events.  She is a popular radio and television talk show host, guest expert and love advice columnist.
A widely acclaimed and sought-after inspirational speaker, author of “Love Mechanics” and her new book “Get Real about Love.”, her work has been featured in over 75 TV and radio shows and publications including CNN, NBC, ABC, The Today Show, MTV, CMT, Lifetime, KROQ, KISS, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, Cosmo and Men’s Health. Renee was listed in the Wall Street Journal as one of the 8 resources for single men in America.

Renee has successfully hooked up thousands of people for love, friendships and business. Renee is a widely acclaimed and sought-after inspirational speaker and dating and Love Designer/consultant whose life’s work is devoted to educating men and women on how to become fulfilled in their own lives, develop lasting relationships and find true love. She changes people’s perspective and lifestyles by getting them in touch with their heart.

Renee has been teaching singles the tricks of the trade in the dating game with her powerful seminars and coaching services, helping her clients prepare for love - from the inside out. She has advised thousands of singles in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s, many of whom went on to find true love. Experience has taught Renee much about the different ways the generations date and how the role models from their love lineage effects their choices. Her investigations helped her to examine the deeper issues people face in today’s mad world of dating and marriage. Her life is dedicated to helping singles and couples “get real about love” and take charge of their love lives.
She draws from her years of research, study and experience in the areas of communications, marketing, broadcasting, psychology, television production, theatrical study, commercial training, alternative health therapies, energy research, world religions, the healing arts (Reiki, Pranic Healing), coaching and image consulting. Piane is also a certified practitioner in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Time Line Therapy and a Clinical Hypnotherapist (CHT). She tailors her private sessions with combinations of these modalities and intuition. Renee has been creating and producing events, seminars and programs that open people’s hearts and build community. She has had years of experience in the beauty and skin care industries as a cosmetologist and was also catered to brides as a consultant to design their weddings! She has used her talents as a makeover expert and image consultant to help people glow and feel more confident.

Renee is an amazing teacher, healer of the heart, motivator and speaker and has been spreading her wisdom for over 19 years in the singles world. Whether Renee is motivating audiences with her seminars, hosting cocktail mixers, raising $$ for causes that inspire her, speaking at conferences or working privately with her clients, her passion shows in all she does in the world.
You can listen to Renee’s East-Coast Italian style with her advice direct, heart healing, and humorous Get Real love advice on her radio show entitled Love Mechanics on Itunes.Formerly single in L.A., Renee has been married to the man of her dreams, Joe Campanella for 10 years and they live in Marina Del Rey. Ca with their adorable dog Buddy.  Read their inspiring love story here and Get FREE GIFTS on her website www.ReneePiane.com

Let’s  Create your new Love Story!

Renee Piane Success Stories

A busy successful man finds this true Love by Getting Real with himself!!


Renee’s book created the path for me to find the love of my life.  Like most people, I have historically ‘stumbled’ in and out of relationships haphazardly.  I’d meet an attractive woman at a coffee shop or while out with friends and have a physical attraction to her with (maybe) a couple things in common.  But then the couple things we have in common are crowded out by a building number of things we DON’T have in common. Each time the differences eroded the relationship to the point where no matter how gorgeous and wonderful the woman was, I was no longer attracted to her.more

After finishing Renee’s book, my vision was much clearer and I was no longer allowing myself to fall blindly into my next relationship as if I was playing a game of ‘pin-the-tall-on-the-donkey’.  The questions in Renee’s book are not easy, but the more soul searching and honest you are with yourself, the faster you will find your soulmate.  Renee really made me look at my inner-self, what qualities I truly want in a life partner and who I wanted to become to attract such a person.  I have never been happier in a relationship. I am with the love of my life and my best friend. 

 Thank you Renee for your book, your advice and your coaching!

 James Tilton