What You Should Spend 5 Minutes On Daily


Even the president of the United States gets a little "me" time. So you can too.

Guest Post: Meryl Sharlene Siongco

Five minutes seems really short for some, but five minutes is actually quite a lot of time to do "good" for yourself.

I know what you're thinking. "What! Five minutes for myself! I don't have time." Thanks to busy schedules and work, us humans forget our priorities, particularly to ourselves.

It is somewhat taboo to wish to focus on ourselves and some coquettishly misdiagnosis doing this as "narcissistic." It is indeed a good idea to not only focus on, but enjoy ourselves. Embrace who we are as unique individuals as well as part of the collective of humankind.

We can begin doing this every morning. Proclaiming a few great mantras including "I love being me." Anticipate the day ahead and how you plan to make it better for yourself and those who you must interact with — arbitrarily or regularly.

If we give ourselves five minutes each day to read and gain insight. If we look at ourselves in the mirror to gain perspective. If we drink tea to nourish ourselves. Even if we can just embrace life to create good memories, many of us could begin to appreciate not only ourselves but others much more.

Life can get busy, hard and sobering — particularly when we don't stop and think. But please take the time to enjoy who you are. Life is too short to forget yourself.

This article was originally published at http://brav.org. Reprinted with permission from the author.