What's A Brāv One? Ten Signs You Are A Brāv One


It's easier to describe than to give a definition...

  1. Ever find yourself in the middle of people in a disagreement, attempting to find a middle ground? Yup, you're a Brāv One.
  2. You love watching Court TV and find yourself either agreeing with Judge Alex, Judge Judy, Judge Brown and the others or finding ways that they could have improved their ultimate decisions.
  3. People tell you you're the best listener...and weigh all sides of an issue carefully.
  4. You're constantly thinking about day to day situations you observed.
  5. You regularly search online about how to deal with situations.
  6. You are frustrated that there is very little realistic advice and information on the internet.
  7. You have a deep fascination for why people do certain things, act in certain ways and react to situations the way they do.
  8. You savor an experience as much as you savor a delicious meal.
  9. You enjoy predicting and finding solutions, including in movies, and clearly see the issues, how it could have been easily solved, and as a result, could reduce a standard 2 hour flick to only thirty minutes.
  10. You like making others happy.

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This article was originally published at http://brav.org. Reprinted with permission from the author.