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We are a community-based relationship education organization on the beautiful Space Coast in Brevard County, Florida serving low-income and disadvantaged populations.

Linda Wiggins, Executive Director


RelatioNSync Creating Strong Families...One Marriage at a Time

About RelatioNSync Community Organization

We are a community-based relationship education organization on the beautiful Space Coast in Brevard County, Florida serving low-income and disadvantaged populations. Our mission is to provide relationship, parenting as well as workplace communications & conflict resolution training.

RelatioNSync Event

“Get Connected!” was held Friday, June 4, 2010 at Mercedes Homes headquarters at 6905 Wickham Rd in Melbourne, Florida. The RelatioNSync event partnered with “Connected by 25,” which serves youth 18-25 who are aging out of the foster care system. The event included Starbucks Brunch, lunch & snacks throughout the day, plus a hip-hop performance, hip comedy, Healthy Dating RelationTips and Workplace Success skills, plus cool prizes (including cash)! Childcare was provided.

All young singles (18+) were invited to attend this fun event that offered some of the skills needed most to succeed in life. Pairing relatively healthy young adults with this disadvantaged population helps elevate the skills of all young adults during role play exercises. Scholarships were provided for low-income participants and former foster youth and members of their support network participated at no charge.

Contact Number: 321-537-5075

Contact Email: relationsync@yahoo.com ********************************************************************


RelatioNSync Community Organization Success Stories

A Garden of Love


RelatioNSync Fundraiser--The event details are below


A Garden of Love on Mars and Venus” was held from 6-10pm on Saturday, May 1st Our Saviour’s Catholic Church in Cocoa Beach.  Proceeds will benefit RelatioNSync and our clients such as “Connected by 25” who serve youth 18-25 who are aging out of the foster care system. The May 1 fundraiser evening included dinner from Carrabba's and Heavenly Bake Shoppe, mini-jazz concert by Hillary Egan, family-friendly comedy from Frankie Paul of Groucho's, Mars and Venus RelationTips from Melodie Tucker, plus fabulous door prizes!  All couples were invited to attend this romantic evening that will enriched their own relationship and benefit those less fortunate who need relationship skills most to succeed in life. Minimum donation was $99 per couple. If you weren't able to attend, feel free to make a contribution to enrich the lives of our Brevard County youth. It's all tax deductible!


Contact Number: 321-537-5075

Contact Email: relationsync@yahoo.com


TESTIMONIALS About the Garden of Love


Since the Garden of Love on Mars & Venus event, sex with my husband is "tha bomb." My head is swimming with endorphins. I feel at once close-knit and carefree. Just a week before, I'd felt the strain of three years of financial pressure on our relationship -- which I at one time deemed enlightened -- sentencing us to the status of coparenting roommates. Anonymous

You did a great job with the event. The variety and quality of entertainment made it a very special evening. The spirit was warm and inviting...Marty Ward

Barry and I had a wonderful evening, thank you so much.  You really know how to put on an event, keep up the great work.  Linda and Barry Walro


You created a very successful  golden event on a shoe string. Magical! Congratulations. I am sure all the guest were delighted and all the volunteers were proud of the results of your endeavor.  May God shower His Blessings upon you and your family...Frank Cavalli


We wanted you to know what a great time we had at the "Garden of Love" event.  Everything was so well-organized and professional:  the MC, Hillary's music, the comedian, and, or course, the food.  All were first class!  We especially were impressed with your presentation.  John and I do work well together as a couple, but it was good to hear your expertise in how to maintain a good relationship.  I also enjoyed being the recipient of not one but two prize drawings!  I've never won anything in my life before!  We are also happy to know that our contribution will go 100% to charity...Sally & John


I originally brought my daughter because she really needs help in the dating area. What I discovered is that this teaching would be a tremendous asset to the mentally ill community, of which I am a member and also director of a resource that benefits them. We need these relationship skills because often we must create a living relationship with each other and we become each other’s family, depending on each other. For those of us who have a romantic partnership, it would of course be beneficial...Jean


Bill and I really enjoyed your presentation and the rest of the program. Hillary has the most beautiful voice. We had a wonderful time. I am so glad we attended...Ann Stone


Linda, what a wonderful, informative time.  We all loved it and I found out much more about RelatioNSync.  I felt embarrassed that our foursome won three prizes!

You are involved in a wonderful project.  As a teacher I have long been disappointed that we didn't include Life 101 (Of course we don't because we could never agree on which cultures maxims to teach, but I think we could agree on a broad curriculum if we tried).  It was difficult to work that into Math classes, but in English classes in the public schools (and Florida Tech), I taught holistically and, using the required curricula helped students develop life, especially relationship skills.  After all, aren't most stories about relationships with self and others?  And isn't conflict, a necessary element of any good story or play, a result of someone's lack of a communication or other life skill?  I was amazed at what ninth graders came up with when we read Romeo and Juliet.  I even fit life skills into word processing and other computer applications courses at BCC:)...Jean


What a thoroughly enjoyable time. This is something I would have paid money for just for the entertainment, and on top of that we benefited so much while we spent time with each other (something we don’t do enough of, letting the busy-ness of life edge each other out) AND to think that all of our money will go to making other people feel as good as we do with each other. I thought we had a great relationship, but I picked up tips that – believe me – we enjoyed later that night and frequently since!


We were impressed with this mission. It’s something we would like to do personally. Please sign us up to be marriage mentors for the June 4 event to teach healthy dating and workplace success skills to young adults leaving the foster care system. We look forward to working hand in hand, side by side with them...The Warfields.


This is really such a valuable service that you are providing. I am impressed with my church that they are involved in this. It’s very important to members of our parish as well as people in need from the public that will be helped...Al Renna


This is something I feel is really important that I personally want to be involved in...Pam Gillespie


I was really really impressed at what you have done in such a short time. We had such a great time. I can tell you this is what people in need really need to turn their lives around. Everything goes back to relationship skills, starting with the relationship we have with ourselves. Lola


I personally wanted to donate to this mission because it is really needed. I am excited about what I’ve experienced tonight and I look forward at how I can be a part of making it available to the people in the at-risk community we both serve...Jan Everson


Wow, I wasn’t sure what to expect tonight, but it looks like you are really doing a great thing for people...Louie


We had a great time. I was attracted to the event and wanted to come but I really didn’t know what to expect. I thought we were all going to sit in a circle with note pads and pencils. Instead, we all laughed and laughed and learned along the way...Mary Boone