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It’s not over until it’s over and when it’s over, you’ll heal, move on and love life in a new way. 

About Marcelina Hardy

Life’s challenges aren’t meant to go through alone. No matter how low you feel, there’s always someone out there who has felt the pain you’re feeling and the thoughts you’re thinking.

You know what? There’s people who have been where you are right now in your love relationship. They have gone through where you are right now. They have been to the depths of hell and back.

How do people like this feel now? Sheer joy. Why? Because they know they have something special – they have strength and courage. The ability to let themselves fall, feel the pain, but then muster up the bit of energy they still have to do something about the nightmare life has turned into.

It all starts there, with a bit of energy… I know you have the same – because we all have it inside of us. All you need is someone like me to show you that you do have that energy in you.

Hello, I am Marcelina Hardy. Not only have I been through a living nightmare, I have also coached clients through their own.

I have a MSEd in counseling with 10 years of coaching experience. My passion is to help people with their relationships. Relationships are the single most important part of everyone’s life. It can be the source of infinite love but also the source of utter devastation.

It doesn’t come easy though, no matter how long you’ve been together. Having an objective person in your corner that you can depend on to express your thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams can really put your relationship into perspective.

I’m here to be your guide, your coach, the person that really understands.

Wondering what exactly I work with people on? I have the most experience in infidelity, both individuals who opt to stay with their spouses and those who divorce. However, I also do pre-marital coaching, marital communication, trust issues, and other relationship problems.

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