Are You Dating A Cat Or A Dog?

cat or dog

First, identify whether your partner is more like a cat or a dog. Of course, people are on a spectrum, but focus on their primary orientation. (And if you want more practical, powerful solutions like these, check out this site for free videos or this site for more advice.) Here are some specific date night examples:

Date Night 1: It's date night. Your partner is a cat, you're a dog and you didn't make reservations for dinner. It's not because you weren't being thoughtful, but because you think the act of romance itself is getting food. You're not thinking in advance, because you don't know what kind of cuisine your partner is going to be in the mood for and you wanted to satisfy him/her. But your partner — the cat — feels frustrated, like you don't care. If your partner is a cat, make the reservations and you'll win big points, whether you picked the perfect restaurant or not (you can always change your mind and go someplace else).

Date Night 2: Dogs get very confused when, in the middle of the day, a cat calls and says, "Hi, just thinking about you. How's your day going?" This is a cat's way of saying that he/she cares. If you're a cat and you want to affirm your partner (who is a dog), you can call him/her in the middle of the day and say "I was just thinking about how great you are and how much I appreciate everything you do for us."

After you've figured out whether you're partner is a cat or a dog, you'll know how to express love in a way he/she will appreciate. Here are some suggestions:

For a cat: order several smaller gifts ahead of time and wrap them. Then offer them to your partner when he/she least expects it!
For a dog: offer a gift, saying it's a "good dog treat."

Acts Of Service
For a cat: do the dishes when it's your partner's turn, acknowledging that he/she has a big meeting to focus on for tomorrow.
For a dog: do the dishes as a simple way of saying "thank you."

Words Of Affirmation
For a cat: hide little notes around the house saying how much you appreciate him/her.
For a dog: tell your partner how wonderful he/she is in the moment.

Quality time
For a cat: tell him/her ahead of time that you want to spend time at your partner's favorite restaurant — and make those reservations!
For a dog: look him/her deeply in the eyes while praising how hard he/she works to make you happy.

For a cat: when your partner comes home, have candles, rose petals and soft music playing as a set-up for a massage.
For a dog: cuddle and rub his/her back while you praise him/her.

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