Our Mess is Our Message

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Our Mess is Our Message
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Get started in your recovery.

Many of us may giggle at this title. However, some of us giggle because we relate in that we have created one mess after the other in our lives and then had to do the mop-up… or have a co-dependent in our life help us do the mop up.  

It's an age-old system that works but not without consequences. We get to the point where we have to decide if we want to continue living like this or learn from our mistakes.

Of course, alcohol and drugs can delay the consciousness of needing to make this decision to clean our lives up but the issue blips across the screen and we see it periodically, usually in a moment of despair and remorse. 

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous uses this phrase "no matter how far down the scale we have gone". This scale can be categorized as financial, legal, relationship, spiritual, and other consequences — living a "dog's life" as my mother would say.  


To sit and look at the mess takes us into a worse place emotionally and mentally initially as the addiction demands the medicator to numb the feelings of it all. But eventually, if we can move past the despair, we can start to sort out what to do and "take action" to try to move things back onto the track. 

The next thing is trying to stay on track. THAT happens one day at a time and one action at a time. It is often a vicious cycle of on the wagon, off the wagon.  Who could rescue us except that we partner with God and the help of others?

It's hard to let people see all the mess. For this reason, many alcoholics are "private people", not wanting anyone to see the fullness of the wreckage.  

I say, use wisdom. Deal with some of the details privately in a  one on one settings, and deal with the issue of going in public and attend 12 Step meetings.

Just get moving because it’s so easy to look back and wish that you had started getting things back on track years ago.