Don't Be This Guy On Valentine's Day.


True stories of Valentine's gifts gone wrong.

Eddie and Kristen went to college together and had been dating for a couple of years. They both lived on campus but were heading back to visit Eddie’s family for the weekend to celebrate his dad’s 50th birthday. It happened to be Valentine’s Day weekend, so when Eddie arrived to pick Kristen up, he brought her a gift. It was the newest, trendiest Valentine’s gift, flowers inside a balloon. It was all the craze at the mall. And Kristen loved it. The balloon was clear with white flowers printed on it, and inside were red roses.

But when Kristen got into Eddie’s car for their trip, she was confused. There was another balloon with flowers in the back seat. “I bought that one for my mom,” Eddie said. And his mom’s balloon had “I love you” printed on it. “But her flowers are carnations! Yours are roses! I gave you the roses!”

Now, one could argue that roses are better than carnations, or that an “I love you” balloon is better than one without, and one could always argue that mom trumps girlfriend. But the point of the story is that there would be no arguing had Eddie not given the same present to his girlfriend and mom. It was a nice present, but it didn’t make Kristen feel special.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t Eddie’s only Valentine’s Day fumble.

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